Centrafuse 4.0 Plugin updates

I would like announce that all my plugins will be updated in next days. This depend of changes in 4.0 SDK, CML and skin.

Plugins will be updated in this order:

1.) USBRelay (Already on CF Market)

2.) GPSEngine (Already on CF Market)

3.) GPSTrack (Already on CF Market)

4.) TripComputer (Already on CF Market)

5.) WEBRadio (Already on CF Market)

6.) Sygic (Already on Forum)

7.) Calc (Already on CF Market)


Also all customers which are make orders after 1.10.2010 will get FREE license upgrade for 4.X versions of plugins(Requested by email) other customers will get 50% discount COUPON code(Requested also by email) to make new order for 4.X license which will be valid for all 4.X Centrafuse versions.