Calc plugin for Centrafuse 3.5 is released

Today Im update and release my Calculator plugin for Centrafuse 3.5.


Plugin is released in this thread: LINK

I hope that you will like it.

Sygic plugin for Centrafuse 3.1 is released

Today is day to finaly release my next navigation plugin with name Sygic. Some of you know Sygic as Sygic Aura, Mobile Maps or maybe some other name... It is REAL Navigation plugin which is listed in CF Navigation Engine list same like my firs navigation plugin with name GPSEngine whcih doesn't have any GUI...

Here is one screen how will look plugin:

Plugin is released in this thread: LINK

I hope that you will like it.

WEBRadio Standalone application comming soon

Last week's Im working on WEBRadio standalone application. Centrafuse users know that Im write very similar WEBRadio plugin for Centrafuse and now Im decide to make standalone version of this plugin with some extra features.

This standalone application can be used on desktop computer, tablet PC, HTPC or CarPC with some other frontend...

Application can be visual modded by everyone who have Photoshop skills(PSD file will be avalible).

Here is few features which is already included in application:

-Record station to mp3 file. Option to split records when song is changed(TAG is changed)

-Update MSN status with current song

-Custom skin support

-Keyboard shortcuts for basic application operations

More on thread in forum : WEBRadio Standalone Application